Construction of new houses in London, Birmingham and Glasgow, UK

Timber frame houses in London, Birmingham and Glasgow, UK

If you ask anybody: "How to build a new home?” you will in all probability hear about reliable foundation followed by erection of walls of wooden baulks or timbers, concrete slabs or brick. And only very few people, will mention the frame construction. And in the meantime it is applied so far for several decades; around 70% of cottages in the United States are timber framed. Today, it is considered the best technology in the world. At the end of XX century, warm timber framed technology has become a boom in construction; its essence is in using thermal insulation boards in the new home construction. The first technology were built in Canada, very soon this technology crossed the borders of the country; timber frame houses already exist in London as well. People continue to call the houses built on that technology “Canadian”.

Today the technology grows ever more popular in London, Birmingham and Glasgow, UK. People who, for financial reasons, did not even dare to think about their own country home or summer cottages, focus attention on them; the prices for timber framed houses are substantively lower. The simplicity of construction allowing to erect a building in a very short time, and high performance of these cottages is a very attractive.

Walls and foundations

Along with the construction of other types of "Canadian" begins with the foundation. The cottages made of wood is reinforced on foundation. Beams, floors and rafters are fabricated under factory conditions; only the dry, high-quality lumber is applied for this purpose. All the circumstances the building will be operated in are taken into account during their manufacture: wind, precipitation, and seismic activity. A lot of attention is paid to manufacturing precision of each element, which makes it easy to assemble. The are produced only at the factories; their manufacture requires strict control of the entire process chain, in fact the quality of apartment depends namely on the quality of these panels. Neither special equipment, nor large numbers of workers are absolutely not required for the installation of walls and foundations, several professionals are quite enough to involve gb2000.co.uk

Warm homes

Special panels applied in timber frame construction are lightweight, but this by no means affects their resistibility, they endure both mechanical effect and temperature fluctuations, as well as humidity, water, frost, surprisingly good. Special insulating panels contain conventional mineral cotton wool as heat insulation material fabricated of basalt, such as Ursa, Isover, or of rocks, such as Rockwool. Only12-15 cm of this material is enough for dwelling in “Canadian” warm house in winter without incurring the high expenses for heating. With a smaller thickness of external walls (in central Birmingham, London and Glasgow thickness of the brick wall should be 50 cm, of crossbeam – 20 cm, while thickness is just 15 cm), and with low porosity, the walls erected will have much smaller weight compared to the walls raised on traditional technologies. And it means that such walls will not require laying deep and massive foundation. This fact in itself accelerates the construction warm houses and reduces its cost. Tracing the entire process chain, we can easily see that tremendous monetary saving goes along with every phase. The costs of equipment, materials, craftsmen are by several times lower than the cost of corresponding segments in traditional technologies. Panels arrive already coated with a humidity-resistant and water-repellent agents, which makes it possible to assemble them in all weathers.