Lightweight roof tiles


Lightweight roof tiles

Besides permanent favorite clay roof tiles, the UK market offers a number of alternative thatchings. Certainly, conventional tried and tested solutions in field of construction material keep victory palm by popularity among customers. However, there is certain percentage of investors who wish to see their future home extraordinary and original. Today there is everything necessary to meet their needs at London building vend.

Wooden shingle

Shake is a cladding, which can be used on any roof, even having very complicated shape. It looks great on wooden house in rustic style. Wood shingle's weight is light - about 7 kg / m ?. Shake is easy to process, it can be cut. Plate itself is produced in accordance with natural direction of ligneous fibers. Clapboard tiling is usually manufactured from spruce, fir, oak, larch or red cedar. These species of timber are s particularly resistant to wear and fungus impact. Wood shingles are nailed to the sheathing of boards. Tiles are placed in such manner that only third part of their surface’s unit is exposed to weather conditions. Before installation it is not bad to impregnate them with protective substances, but “General Builder’s” experts say that good quality product will anyway have excellent durability.

Bituminous and cement-fiber tiles (Euro-slate)

This roofing material in appearance reminds well-known slate. Fiber-cement tiling weighs approximately 15 kg / m ?, bitumen roofing - about 4 kg / m ?. Both products have wavelike shape. But in contrast to asbestos sheeting, these materials do not contain salamander wool, thus are completely harmless to health. They are fire-resistant. Bituminoid corrugated roofing can be transparent, which facilitates inartificial lighting in under-roof premises.

Lightweight aluminum roofing materials

Alum is an excellent thatching. It possesses high resistance to extreme meteorological conditions and mechanical damage. Even at very low temperatures aluminum does not deform. In addition, it is enduring to corrosion and perfectly "works" combined with other metals except copper.
Lightweight aluminum roofing surfaces do not require additional maintenance and are remarkable for their special lightness - 1m ? of matter weighs around 3 pounds. Universality and unprecedented durability of alum coating makes it ideal roofing for restoring historical buildings like an alternative to clay roof tiles, as well as for standard projects, and even of futuristic contemporary structures. Alumic decking is environmentally friendly and can be subject to 100% recycling.


Lightweight synthetic slate roof

Thatches such as polycarbonates, synthetic resins, PVC, polyesters, etc., although rarely applied in residential construction, have perfectly proved themselves in architecture of small-scale forms. Plastic roof tiles can be successfully used on roofs of pavilions, terraces, swimming pools, or garden household outbuildings. Poly matrix composite lightweight roofing materials are durable to atmospheric agents and UV radiation; they can take most various configurations – from completely flat to undulatory. Depending on your needs, building company “General Builder” offers lightweight synthetic roofings both entirely transparent and opaque to sunlight. Thus, the choice of non-standard roof coverings is large - which solution will you select?